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February 13, 2020. "The Bride Under the Lemon Tree: Musical worlds of Moroccan Jewish women"  Aga Khan Museum lecture. 1:00 pm. https://www.agakhanmuseum.org/programs/the-bride-under-the-lemon-tree-with-dr-judith-cohen
February 23. Solo concert "Songs  of Travel"  for "EtCetera - Canadian Cultural Mosaic",  7 pm, 701 Sheppard West (events room),  Toronto.
February 29: Presentation for "Lyric Landscapes",
University of Indiana, Bloomington.
March - Toronto Storytelling Festival - watch for details!
Toronto French paper  Le Métropolitain:
re our Alliance Française 
concert: my guests and I
"envoûtent le public": our "femmes
du monde" - "women of the world" -
concert "enchanted the public". 


2020 Aga Khan Museum, solo Pop-up Performances Jan. 15, 18, 19
December 2019 + January 2020: various dates,
vocals + percussion with Kosa Koliadnyky,
Ukrainian polyphonic winter season songs 
December 15-17, 2019 San Diego : Association for Jewish
Studies, Beating the Water" to Mimouna: Music
among the Judeus of Portugal 25 years later. 
 December 28: Songs for Los Angeles Sephardic Community Hanuka event.
November 27, 2019 "Songs of Travel", Artery House
Concert, Toronto. 
November 19. Lennox & Addington County Museum, Napanee. 
Ontario. Sephardic and Ashkenazi Songs of the Holocaust, for the
Anne Frank Exhibition.
October 30. Concert for "Los Corassones Avlan" , Primo Levi 
Center, The Jews of Rhodes, New York City.
October 29. Lecture-concert on Sephardic and
medieval music, Fordham University, Bronx, NY
October 28. Concert for Shrine World Music, New York City.
September 16. Solo performance, Storytellers of Halifax.
September 14. Paper, UNESCO ICH and Traditions of Spain
and Portugal, Conference on ICH and the Atlantic,
Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia.
August 10-17: teaching Balkan Sephardic songs
at  Balkan Camp, Iroquois Springs, NY  
June 19-22: Braganza, Portugal. Tras-os-Montes
"Terras de Sefarad" conference: "'Siete Dias Enserrados': Music among
Sephardim  and Ashkenazim in the Holocaust"   
 Lecture with live singing ;  Workshop in Sephardic music 
June 23-26: Lisbon, Sosiedad Sefarad conference: "'There will
always be a gap': Moroccan  Sephardim  in   Montreal"        
June 27: Belmonte, Portugal: special concert for the Jewish community
June 28: Lisbon, Cervantes Institute: concert of Sephardic songs, 19:00
June 30-July 2: Zamora Sefardí conference:  Concert, June 30,
in La Hostería Real; “Lekha dodi – Gens du pays”: del Atlántico
marroquí al  Atlántico canadiense (July 2);   
Filandón: Romances de Doña Urraca" evening, July 2
July 3: For UNED course in Avila: "¿A quién apartenece esa
memoria? La música sefardí en la  memorias de los Sefardíes
- y en las memorias construidas de las fiestas “medievales”"
July 5:  Toledo: Music section of University of Castilla-
La Mancha course on Sephardic culture
July 13 : Museo Sefardí, Toledo. Concert-workshop.
July 16, Madrid. Centro Sefarad-Israel. 
Concert with Wafir Gibril
July 18-22 Granada, fieldwork research, Alan Lomax recordings
July 25, Hervás, Spain. Workshop in traditional percussion instruments, with Begoña Martín.
June 2-5 New York City, Board Meeting, Association of Jewish Studies.
May 18 Order of Good Cheer Coffee House, Port Carling, Ontario: https://www.facebook.com/events/1082867891896519/
"Judith Cohen et ses invitées - femmes du monde",
Alliance Française, Toronto.

March 16, 2019, 8 pm. 



"Sisters Queen and Captive" Toronto Storytelling
Festival: Stories at the Gladstone. March 3, 2019.
February 24-7. Hannover, Germany.
"We will live after Babylon: Armenian and  Jewish
Historical  Experience between Expulsion,
Exile and Destruction":
"'If you see me walking alone on the road' -
Sephardic songs of exile, expulsion, memory - and return"
Lecture; and "Singing the exile: Songs of the Sephardic
Diaspora": workshop-concert. 
Songs and Travels" -  Solo concert
Aga Khan Museum, pop-up concert series.

January 30, February 2 & 3.

"The King got up one Monday Morning"
StoryFusion Cabaret, Storytelling Toronto. January 26, 2019.

January 26, 2019 20:00.   Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst, Toronto

Ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist Judith Cohen performs sung stories and tales

from Sephardic and pan-European traditions.


2018 and earlier:
Portuguese, Spanish Renaissance and Sephardic Songs for launch of Toronto author Anne Dublin's young adult novel "Cage without Bars." Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, October 29, 2018. 
"Portuguese and Jewish Musical Culture in Portugal and the Diaspora", Expressions of Lusophonia international conference,
York University, Toronto, October 26-27, 2019.
"Music in the Three Religions of Medieval Iberia". Kingston, Ontario:
Kingston Jewish Council with Queen's University. October 16-17, 2018.
Beijing, China: DDC Dusk Dawn Club/Alliance Française Beijing, July 10, 2018 . French-Canadian, Yiddish, Sephardic and Bulgarian songs.

Cracow, Poland, Cervantes Institute. July 17 , 2018. "Hija mia mi querida - Yome, Yome, zing mir a lidele” – Sephardic and Yiddish songs.
Lisbon, Portugal, Cervantes Institute, June 26, 2018. "Os Sefarditas e os seus vizinhos - assuntos cantados e contados."

Warsaw, Polamd. National Ethnographic Museum, 

July 13, 2018. "Sefardyjskie pieśni weselne".

Państwowe Muzeum  Etnograficzne and Bílý Koníček Express.

Zamora Sefardí, solo performance-talk for international

conference. Zamora, Spain, July 3, 2018. 

Museo Sefardí, Toledo, Spain. Solo performance-talk,

Sephardic music, for "Luna de Verano - 

Summer Moon" series. August 11, 2018.

Red de Juderías de España: solo concerts, Sephardic music, 

in Calahorra, August 10, and León, August 2, 2018. 

Concerts with Tamar Ilana, accompanied by

Yayoi Okaniwa, Israel, May 2018: Yung Yiddish,

Tel Aviv and house concert series, Ranaana.

"Mediterranean Sephardic musical identities:
from Ottoman lands and Italy to Iberia and  Morocco”,
ICTM Mediterranean Music Study Group, Essaouira,
Morocco, June 19, 2018.Casablanca, Morocco. 
Jewish Community Centre, June 25,2018. 
"Mini-colloque sur la Musique Juive".
"Caminhamos e andamos": music and shifting
identity among Portuguese B'nei Anusim”
International  conference on Jews in Portugal  
and the Iberian  Diaspora, Portugal, Dahan Center, 
Israel/Universidade de Lisboa/
Universidad of Oporto, June 26-July 2, 2018.
“ICH/PCI (UNESCO) in Iberia: some expected and
unexpected results”, Applied Ethnomusicology
Conference (ICTM), Beijing, China, July 7-10, 2018.
"Singing Stories from Tangier to Constantinople and
Suchowola: Sephardic and Yiddish   Ballads", European
Association of Jewish Studies, Kraków, July, 2018.
"Sephardic Songs: the Lighter Side" for Jewish
Music Forum conference, "Humour in Jewish Music",  
New York City, April 2018
House concert: Sephardic Tales and Songs. With
Jane Mubarak, author:  New York City, May 2018
Association of Canadian Jewish Studies, Montreal, 
 May, 2018: “A Canadian Jewish Scholar-Performer
Sings and Talks about Canada, Performance and Jewishness"
Aga Khan Museum, Toronto. "Sephardic Music in the
Mediterranean Soundscape." February, 2018.